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Next Hospital Management Robot can be used as the best solution for helping the hospital management team to serve their patients and engage with them. Next robot hav immense experience in different hospital atmospheres and practises basic tests. It's easy to move around inside the hospital premise.

How Next Robot work during Covid-19 situation??


  • Automatically detect people and invoke Meet and Greet. Recognize Automatically detect people and invoke Meet and Greet. Recognizes registered clients and helps register new visitors.
  • Next Robot will take the Emirates ID from the visitors and check the insurance status and appointment, also helps the registration process interactively. 
  • Guides visitors to each location in the organization. 
  • Collects feedback from visitors after their visit.
  • Can Engage and entertain visitors with quiz, music, radio etc during their waiting time. 
  • Manage walk in customers and schedule appointments.
  • Next Robot can Meet and Greet patients.
  • Next Robot can automatically detect patients and greet them with a welcome note. Recognize and do a temperature check. 
  • Next Robot can instruct visitors how to use hand sanitizer
  • Next Robots can carry a sanitizer dispenser bottle on its top.
  • Next Robots can train visitors how to keep self-hygiene and provide proper instructions.
  • Visitors can check the availability of doctors in each department.
  • Visitors can easily check whether the concerned doctor is available for consulting or not.
  • If a doctor  is available, Next Robot can provide the concerned clinic number and location to the visitor for taking the appointment.
  • All locations of the organization will be stored in Next Robot . So it can easily provide details to visitors to respective locations.
  • For any other inquiries, Next Robot can guide visitor to the administrator