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Everyone has to start off small. But Next Chatbot’s features are powerful enough for globally operating corporates at a price point that works for anyone. You know your customers. We’ll help you with the right conversation.

Flexible design for companies of any size​

Use the available templates to build Next Chat Bot that suit your need. Check out the drag&drop designer to see what step types are all available to create the best conversation.

Building Fast & Building Easy

Use our easy drag and drop designer to create conversations that match your tone of voice. Choose to start from scratch or to use one of the available templates. Work on several bots at once using our multi-user accounts to see what step types are all available to create the best conversation.​

The question is just as important as the answer​

Make use of a large variety of step types to ask the right question and to get the right answer. All types are there to ask for feedback but also to retrieve vital information from your customers.

A Natural Conversation

Next ChatBot’s robust conversational designer makes sure your customers are addressed the right way. Start conversations proactively and apply conditional rules to Next Chatbot’s behavior.

Apply smart jumps between questions based on the answers from your customers and assure a relevant conversation.​

A little color makes a big difference​

Your brand is everything so Next Chat bot follows your brand’s guidelines. Adjust every element of your Next Chat Bots  to fit your website’s colour scheme and add custom CSS if needed. 

Provide your customers with a soft landing​

Next Chatbots can be embedded on your website, but you can also direct people to a dedicated landing page where Next Chat bot facilitates the conversation. This is ideal for specific campaigns or the retrieval of feedback. Alter the call to action buttons, let the header image change alongside the conversation and provide your customers with a soft landing on a beautiful page. 

Kep Track of Everything

The reporting features of Next Chat bot  keep you posted on everything. It’s visible with which devices your customers are talking to Next Chat bot  and what the conversion is. Next Chat Bot keeps track of the amount of interactions over time and which answers are given most often.

Embed next Chat Bot on your Website

Integrate Next Chat Bot in your website at the place you want. Apply behavioral rules to make sure your customers are serviced in the best way possible. Simply copy/paste the embed code in the HTML page or use Google Tag Manager.​


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