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Global Distributions system

Flight Booking System

Developed by NEXT IT & SYSTEMS for OVERSEAS MARINE SERVICES, our flight reservation system is meticulously crafted using internationally recognized applications for online flight bookings. Tailored to serve both B2B and B2C sectors, it seamlessly caters to diverse global destinations.


Human Resource Management System

At Next IT & Systems, we proudly present our customized HRMS system tailored specifically for construction companies and sub-contractors. This robust solution seamlessly integrates ZKTECO biotime for precise employee attendance management, coupled with a comprehensive daily wages and hourly wages salary system, ensuring efficiency in workforce management.


Labor Management System

At Next IT & Systems, we introduce our bespoke project management system designed exclusively for construction companies and sub-contractors. This tailored solution empowers site engineers to efficiently log daily activities of laborers, featuring advanced analytics for comprehensive insights. Integrated seamlessly with HRMS, our system ensures a cohesive approach to managing employee daily work, providing detailed labor reports for enhanced project oversight.


Smart Farming Management System

At Next IT & Systems, we’re excited to introduce our Smart Framing System, specially crafted for sheep and camel farms. This innovative solution enables farms to record daily employee activities, generate doctors’ checkup reports, and streamline operations with RFID-based sheep counting in the barns. The system is seamlessly integrated with mobile apps for enhanced accessibility and management efficiency.

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