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What are AI Powered Learning Solutions??

BI Systems compliment existing ERP Systems ERP Systems also provide reports, but Information is static More often analytics is done in Excel Labor intensive and not very flexible New report designs are expensive and time consuming BI Systems provide Dynamic information in rich visualizations User defined and customizable reports Dashboards to analyze data visually

Features Digital Playground

Static dashboards excite users only for few days Discoverability of insights is a key aspect OnionPy Playgrounds allow visual interaction to discover hidden patterns or insights </p> What is OnionPy? It is a Visual Intelligence product. Also known traditionally as Business Intelligence or Data Analytics product The name is an anagram for Opinion. The last I becomes Y to make it sound like Onion Pie It is built from scratch by keeping in mind Simplicity, Business user’s aversion to technology, Speed, Deep Analysisand Big Data What customers say Must say, I was quite impressed with the product – right from the user centricity, processing speed and the concept of having a playground, as against canned or templatized dashboard!

Deep Data Analysis

Challenge New age BI should be able to answer Deep Questions Not at the cost of performance Yet maintaining simplicity of analysis What customers say I hardly spend 5 minutes on my reports. But this time,I spent more than 2 hours digging through the data… What I love the most is, there is absolutely no limit on the number of insights I can get from just one Playground!!

Integrated Big Data Analysis

Challenge Adoption of Hadoop is slow in the industry Hadoop is technically not easy to adopt The community is too big and grows too fast to learn It is powerful, but not a simple solution for Big Data Our Solution Integrated Big Data Analytics – Not merely an extension to Hadoop Just push your data to OnionPy and start analyzing the data. We take care of handling the Big Data, automatically!! What experts Say? It is revolutionary way of looking at Big Data Analytics The speeds are simply incredible.

API Gateway

Share data in OnionPy DB through APIs REST and JSON based APIs Complete API Gateway Add partners or customers Define rate and size limits OAUTH based security Additional HTTP security, if required API Governance Throttling/Quotas


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