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Technology is flying like nothing each day. We Next IT & Systems is capable enough to fly together with the industry of technology. We deliver our humanoid Robots for Events which can attract the interest and attraction by its versatile technology. What if the Guiding and introducing section is handled by an intelligent robot?? Yes, There we can move along with technology…!!

We deliver interactive intelligent event managing and visitor engaging Robot. These Humanoid Robots are fully customizable with several features like speech recognition, face recognition, autonomous navigation, and several other advanced features.Our Humanoid robots currently available in the market to choose from with distinctive features and capabilities that are fully programmable as per your requirements.


Our Special Features:


  • Meet and Greet Visitors
  • Guide visitors to each location and make an event tour
  • Deliver goodies from one to one location
  • Follow the users
  •  Capture group images 
  • Video surveillance 
  • And many more