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Greetings! Welcome to the corporate portal of Next IT & Systems.

NEXT is proud to be a member of a league that has opened up innumerable doors of opportunity for a new generation of Middle Eastern companies. a generation that is rapidly becoming established in the role of "business leaders" across the globe. As we get closer to a degree of integrated convergence that has never been seen before, the solutions offered by information technology will become an even more important part of our everyday lives. Our offerings will differentiate us from the competitors in the market thanks to their high-end breadth of solutions across a variety of software industries that are in a constant state of evolution. At NEXT, we advocate for increased standards and cutting-edge technology that will provide us a competitive advantage. Our inventive and varied IT services are geared to fulfill all technological and computer needs, as seen by the delighted customers we have. All NEXT departments have accepted this way of thinking. The dedicated professionals at NEXT collaborate to realize our shared goal, from the customer service agent who answers your calls to our behind-the-scenes technology teams to our sales personnel and human resource staff. At NEXT, our customers are at the center of everything we do. By paying close attention to what they think, feel, and desire, we hope to revolutionize telecommunications as we now know it and realize our common dream of ushering in a new era of integrated solutions. I genuinely appreciate the confidence that our stakeholders, clients, business partners, investors, staff, and the UAE community have placed in us. By fulfilling our commitment to delight our clients by enabling simpler, more satisfying communications experiences, we hope to earn their confidence and goodwill. In order to surpass our own targets, we have defined goals, created plans, and distributed resources during each stage of our corporation's development. NEXT is continually working to build the procedures and uphold the principles that give everyone a fulfilling working environment. Try it out for yourself.

Best Regards,

Shaik Hamdan

Chief Executive Officer


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