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Correspondence Management System

We had developed powerful and cost effective correspondence management system on top of M-Files (A Leading document management software) M-Files control Backend document movement and our add- on module control all the business process of correspondence management software
Quick View about Our Correspondence Management Software
Capturing incoming document : Our capture module support capturing data via SMTP Source , Outlook Client, FAX , DropBox and many more data source.capture workflow capture the document and passed the data to the reception or a dedicated user for classification
Correspondence management workflow : Our software support visual workflow editor. An Admin can create any number of workflow by drag and drop object. .As per the business logic, the admin user can assign a workflow to any incoming our outgoing document
Correspondence management template : Our correspondence management system support template, An Admin user can define any number of template in Microsoft word, Microsoft excel or Microsoft PowerPoint etc. . . Template concept enable your organization to standardize you all outgoing document and many more

Key Features

  • Centralized Storage
  • Integrated with Active Directory
  • Full Audit History
  • Version Management
  • Automatic Back
  • Online/Offline working
  • Follow-up
  • Co-authorization
  • Web Interface
  • Mobile Interface
  • Desktop Interface
  • Plug in for Outlook
  • Plug in MS Word
  • Virtual Drive
  • Visual Workflow Editor
  • Process Automation
  • FAX integration
  • SMTP integration
  • Network Folder integration
  • Scanner integration
  • SkyDrive integration
  • Google Drive integration
  • Assignments
  • Escalations

What is the Correspondence Management System?

Automatic generation of outbound documents such as correspondence, letters, contracts, policies, statements,invoices, marketing collaterals etc is a common business task that falls into the broader Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Organisations of all sizes spend a significant amount of time responding to enquiries that demand official correspondence. What if these response times could be drastically shortened? In this post, I am going to share with you the idea of correspondence management solution framework that turns M-Files into a robust environment for managing and streamlining correspondence processes. The proposed solution harnesses the powerful document management and workflow capabilities of M-Files to drive quality and consistency and compliance. Document templates are effectively utilized and participants are able to easily collaborate throughout the authoring process. Personalisation is the essential idea of customer communications management and is a primary value of correspondence management. With Correspondence Management, anything the customer receives at any given touch point, is relevant and tailored to the customer’s current status. Often the data required for personalisation resides in one or many Systems of Records. Therefore correspondence management solution often requires extraction of data from line-of-business, ERP, or CRM applications and is merged with an electronic document template maintained centrally. (aka mail merging) .Output is usually high-volume of printing or PDF file generation for email delivery. The correspondence management solution framework shown above, centralises the creation and delivery of human and system generated correspondences, ensuring timely and consistent communications that improves user satisfaction levels and reduce costs. Using an intuitive user interface, your front-line workers can easily create personalised and interactive communications that rely less on paper and increase user engagement.


Customer data from CRM or your ERP system is surfaced through SharePoint using Business Connectivity Services built into SharePoint.
CENTRALISED DOCUMENT TEMPLATE MANAGEMENT WITHIN SHAREPOINT : All correspondence document templates are controlled centrally by information workers in easy to use SharePoint Document library.
BATCH DOCUMENT GENERATION AND DISTRIBUTION WORKFLOW : Once the template and list of records are selected required outbound documents will be auto generated and saved in a SharePoint library. It can also kickoff the approval and distribution workflow.Documents are centrally generated and assembled and stored with industry standard .PDF, PDF/A output file format with QR code or bar code for unique identification and document tracking. PDF Generator is powered by with robust and powerful Word Automation Services in SharePoint. Organizations can simplify content management and streamline archiving processes by automatically converting source documents or existing PDF archives into PDF/A, the ISO standard for long-term archiving of digital records. With the ability to create searchable PDF documents, PDF Generator allows you to quickly find and access information, as well as comply with government and industry regulations. Share and store business-critical documents in a consistent format whether employees are communicating with customers or prospects, submitting regulatory filings, or sending final document proofs for printing is an important step in correspondence management.
Key Capabilities : Automated document generation and distribution with intelligent workflow. Create correspondences such as letters, memorandums, notices or statements and be distributed using the preferred communication channel of the client, whether it is soft or hard copies. Efficient business rules and workflows that increases the speed and efficiency. Produce essential distinguished communications in a functional way with a mixture of customised and pre-approved content. Ensure compliance with essential documentation processes, reliability, transparency and control with templates, audit trails, already approved content and advanced archive searching functionality. If you are looking for a proven correspondence management solution to create strong customer engagement, contact us to schedule a demonstration.


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