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Robots are becoming uncaged, mobile, collaborative and increasingly intelligent and dexterous, moving beyond their traditional strongholds to bring automation to previously inaccessible tasks. In this report, we provide a global, comprehensive, and detailed assessment of the robotics and drones technologies and markets.
Our report is unique in its depth and breadth. It covers both existing as well as emerging applications. Indeed, it provides twenty-year forecasts in value and unit numbers for 46 categories, painting a comprehensive and quantitative picture of this major transformation.
Furthermore, this report provides detailed technology analysis, assessing the trends in performance and price of key enabling hardware and software technologies whilst considering likely technology development roadmaps. We will also profile the key companies and innovative entities working on new robotics and drones.
  • Robots never harm human beings.
  • Robots must follow instructions from humans without violating
  • Robots must protect themselves without violating the other rules


Drones are probably the most advanced equipment in the field of robotics, aeronautics and electronics. The technical name of drones is “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs). They are aerial vehicles either controlled by pilots from the ground or increasingly,

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    The use of drones ha grown quickly in recent years because unlike manned aircraft they can stay aloft for many hours; they are much cheaper than military aircraft and they are flown remotely so there is no danger to the flight crew.

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    A number of questions arise from the use of drone technology, both for military and commercial purposes. Tech and Law center aims at studying and fostering the debate on the legal aspects of the use and development of the robotics technology.