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Smart SMS enterprise level solution

Smart SMS is an enterprise level solution framework for empowering the short message communications for businesses. Smart SMS Application is built on client-server architecture capable of providing administrator controlled multi-user work environment while performing efficiently by connecting to multiple short message service centers (SMSC) simultaneously.

    The solution can be integrated with any legacy applications, custom developed applications and also to any standard ERP, CRM packages with minimal efforts. Custom business logic components in the form of DLLs can also be hosted in the framework for enriching any business by allowing it to communicate using SMS.


    Integration to Smart SMS is seamless; Smart SMS server app can convert as a framework, where multiple databases of enterprise systems like Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics etc. can directly or indirectly connect to execute certain tasks aligned according to certain triggers, even without having direct linking or read/ write permissions, smart sms can be integrated to initiate SMS broadcasting.

Enterprise SMS Services

Redefining the way the world Interacts

Next SMS Services introduces single SMPP and HTTP Connectivity with which you can send SMS anywhere in the World.

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    Global Messaging Solution Next SMS state of Art Global Messaging Solutions enables you to reach out your customers anywhere in the world. Robust platform, multiple connectivity ensures your communication reaches your customer on time. We have a team of consultants who can guide you to plan mobile campaigns in most effect ways to maximize your ROI. Why Next SMS services Global Messaging Service? Single Connectivity to Deliver Message almost everywhere in world. Robust and Proven Platform handling millions of messages every day Cost Effective and highly reliable as we have direct Telco connectivity Capable of providing connectivity over Web, HTTP, SMPP, XML, HTTPS, Excel Plug-in, Desktop Client or in whatever format you are looking for 24 X 7 dedicated Service Support Short Codes and Long codes available in most of the countries for effective two way communication. Secure

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  • Long Codes& Short Codes &

    Short Code and Long code are normally used to get response from customer. It is also ideal to check what impact your campaign has made. These numbers are designed so that it can be remembered easily, mostly it will be of 5 digit numbers for short code and 10 digits for long code, to which mobile users can send text messages and get the desired response in the matter of seconds. They are easier to remember, handy and integrated across all telecom operators to provide a seamless experience to all.

  • SMS to Call

    As name suggests, users will send an SMS to pre defined short / long code number and automatically they will get a call without any manual intervention. User can browse the IVR menu or simply can talk to your sales or support staff.