What is Sense/Net ECM - Enterprise CMS?

  1. Content Repository with powerful search and query for storing millions of documents - benchmarked with 100 million files
  2. Workspaces, lists and libraries for collaboration and document management, document preview with annotation and redaction
  3. Enterprise 2.0 style collaboration, User profiles, Workspace Wall, Comment & Like function
  4. WebDAV protocol and Microsoft Office integration for enhanced user experience
  5. Windows Workflow Foundation 4 based workflows for BPM
  6. Skin system, WYSIWYG and Smart Application Model for managing loads of web content
  7. ASP.NET based development platform with Webpart, MVC and Razor support
  8. Powerful query API accessible through standard ASP.NET API, LINQ and OData REST API, rich query builder and search GUI for end users
  9. Scalable Enterprise Architecture and Active Directory integration for enterprise deployment
  10. Free Community and supported Enterprise editions with professional training