Planning to have a Chatbot to handle your customer?


We have a dedicated team for developing the chatbot.Our focus is on UAE market. Develop the chatbot for UAE Market (including English and Arabic Language). Our team work with command based chatbot and artificial intelligence based chatbot. The future vision is to develop a strong library for an Application level chatbot.

How our Chatbots Library helps your business?

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1. Customer Service If you don’t want your customer to wait for answers from operators, then our Chatbot Library service is the best option for you. To answer customers’ questions your operator doesn’t need to scroll dozens of instruction pages. Our Chatbot can find and give instant answers in an automatic way.

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2. Shopping Process Our Chatbot Library can send the correct information to the sales executive automatically. The sales executives just need to write their requirements on the Chatbot. Besides, the operators don’t need to repeat any action, because our chatbot can remember your preferences when you return.

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3. Ensure 100% response rate It is difficult for any business to answer all questions of customers from your Facebook pages. We offer an effective Chatbot system that can respond to all messages of your Facebook page members.

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4. Reduce employees’ workload Most of your customers may ask the same questions, such as your place? You’re Services? How you deliver services/products? Instead of writing the same answers, our Chatbot can help you by providing automatic answers to the customers. It can cut heavy workload of your employees.


Blog Feed:23-Oct-2019 : What is Chatbot and how we offer Chatbot services?

A chatbot is a computer program or software that can simulate the conversation with the human. It is integrated into websites or instant messengers and assists us to communicate through text or voice message. Usually, a bot is an automated system that can communicate with users automatically. If a user gives the bot an instruction, it could respond through performing an appropriate action. For example, China launched We Chat bots which can name a taxi, check in for a flight, ship cash to friends, set scientific appointments, and many different things like these.

An online chatbot can save your valuable time and money by integrating an automated customer support system. Many researchers forecast that in 2020, about 85% of customer support would be given without help of a human. Collecting information, organizing meetings, reducing overhead costs will be easier than before. That is why; the demand for chatbot is increasing exponentially.

There are three types of Chatbots: Scripted, Intelligent, and Application.

1. Scripted Chatbots : These types of Chatbots only follow predetermined paths. Depending on the features of the bots, users need to comments voice, text or touch response to command the device.

2. Intelligent Chatbots : These types of Chatbots are more flexible than scripted Chatbots. Artificial intelligence allows them to work well for one-off instructions, and very fine in limited knowledge domains. These bots allow free-form comments through voice or text statements

3. Application Chatbots: These types of bots can interact with users using graphical interface. The user can complete graphical interface base tasks very efficiently using these Application Chatbots.

It is really difficult to define the Chatbots since it is used for various purposes. Business or industry personalized Chatbots system like they personalize a website or app based on their needs. Here are some examples of Chatbot Applications:

1. A Chatbot can take orders from the customers either at home or in the store.

2. A sit-down restaurant uses a Chatbot to take orders from customer’s table.

3. A Chatbot can resource in a marketing campaign by using asking clients questions about product or services. A Chatbot can help customers to make e-commerce purchases.

4. A chatbot can check employees’ activities.

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