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We have an expert team in blockchain technology in UAE and India. We have server blockchain implementation across GCC. We have ready to install blockchain solution for co-operates companies,University

Our Solution with a blockchain technology.

TalentChain: TalentChain a blockchain community Application aims to build a community of University, Institutes, Corporates companies and Talents for exploring, harnessing and benefitting from a decentralized BlockChain ecosystem for a fair Talent Supply Chain experience

Who will be benefited with TalentChain?

Corporate companies : Better placement and exposure for students . Better placement and exposure for students, using our blockchain client application, corporate user can logo on the system and check the student’s academic and non-academic performance of the student. Which will help the recruitment team of corporate to find out the right candidate for your placement
Government: Government. Select the right candidate for grands and scholarship. Our blockchain application give the current academic information of the student. From collage to university this enable the Government authority to choose the right candidate for grands and scholarship.
Bank: Our Blockchain Application help the bank to validate all the award and academic performance. Which help the bank for a decision making for student loan. Since student loan is a long term loan, our blockchain application allow the bank to track the academic performance after the loan is approved. This tracking help the bank to take a decision for continue the new installment or not
School: Our Blockchain Application help School to store all awards and certificate In blockchain platform
Collage: Verify the candidate for higher study. Keep all store all awards and certificate In blockchain platform. and many more
University: Build brand image. Verify the candidate for higher study. Keep all store all awards and certificate In blockchain platform.Create a revenue stream for university


  • Academic & Employment Certificate Issuance & Validation from Blockchain
  • An immutable Certificate Vault
  • Auto Generated Verified Talent Passport
  • Records lifelong learning, endorsements, awards, recognitions, employment, skills
  • Honest and transparent hiring process to reduce time for background verification for job or course fitment
  • Hire with confidence
  • Share employment history for Corporate companies

Blog Feed:27-May-2018 : What is blockchain and how we manage our blockchain technology for clients?

The blockchain is a technology that allows sharing of up-to-date information. It presents the great solution to the difficulties of the nation by keeping the network safe. Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are mounted on it. Here the main problems with blockchain and its solutions described below..

The blockchain technology essentially replaces the intrinsic trust between people or corporate companies by mathematical principles. Many people rely on mathematical principles that will become more expensive. As more nodes come into play, the more computational environment becomes more intensive. In most cases, systematic changes, technological changes, could be better and cheaper than Blockchain solutions.

What is included in our BlockChain service?

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Job Description

looking for a long term .net developer for our Abu Dhbai office.The candidate must have strong knowledge about web service, writing web service and consuming web service. ECM software knowledge such as Filenet,openText etc to be considered as added value.

Blockchain is safer than any other virtually available network technology
Public blockchains allow anyone to join. Bitcoin is a good exemplar of a public blockchain where anyone can join the chain. It is open and transparent, which means that everyone in the chain can see all transactions. Private Blockchains are administered centrally and need permission to join. Both public and private blockchains are natively secure because they are immutable. Each record or block is immutable and is linked to all others. The immutability and consensus need of the blockchains make them natively safer than almost any other network technology.

Blockchain is suitable for storing data
A distributed record through a blockchain-based network can offer a complete transaction history than the selective view. If blockchain users include images as part of their transactions, the data capacity will grow rapidly as will network overload. Due to the dispersed nature of blockchain, all data must be replicated at all nodes in the chain. It is better to use a relational database with separate network storage for some transactional tasks than to grow a blockchain out of control.

Blockchain arrange mutual meetings between stakeholders
Bitcoin uses the proven SHA-256 algorithm to do the hashing. Studies have shown that quantum computing will eventually lead to that algorithm breaking. Other blockchains are implementing new cryptographic algorithms, where all you have is a developer who assures you that it works. The proposal the community needs to have productive conversations. This is in order to reach an agreement among its members and apply real improvements to the network. That brings mutually with a diversity of stakeholders in the discussion

Create a strong digital identity:

  • We use cryptographic keys to combine a private and public key to create a strong digital identity.

Serve as a platform:

  • We offer a secured platform using blockchain technology. You can exchange cryptocurrencies between smart contracts using our strong and well-developed platform.

Prove Immutability:

  • Since blockchain database is usually immutable, we help you by changing this database in a secured way.

Offer a system of record:

  • We develop an innovative way for information registration and distribution. Both of your static and dynamic data are safely recorded in our database

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  • Skill Set: ASP .Net, C#, XML, Java Script, JQuery, MS SQL,WPF, WCF, WebAPI , Web Services

  • ECM Experience : Filenet or OpenText or M-files

  • Qualification Questions : BE, MCA

  • Total IT Experience : Total 10+ , 8 year in development

Interested candidate, please apply at . Please avoid to call on office phone regarding this vacancy. The closing date is 12-jun-2018