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Frank Leonard

Frank Leonard is an accomplished investor and a respected US business connector who specializes in global emerging technology. He has demonstrated a keen aptitude for technology acquisitions, including Emerging Threats Pro/Proofpoint, 250ok/Validity, and Clear Software/MSFT, resulting in his investment in over 10 private companies. Frank invests in innovative “rising star” organizations that are focused on protecting key IT infrastructure investments from ransomware, malware, hacking, cloud limitations, downtime, and other related threats. His portfolio offers a comprehensive range of solutions that provide a “cybersecurity blanket” to protect or enhance infrastructure through advanced network threat detection and response, zero-trust data protection, and encryption. Through his strategic alliance with Shaik Hamdan and NEXT UAE, Frank will be supporting the growth and adoption of cutting-edge technologies globally. Frank holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry from Wabash College, which fueled his interest in technology. As an active business development partner for his portfolio clients, Frank creates mutually beneficial relationships between solution providers, service providers, and organizations that are committed to leading-edge security from the edge to the core. Leonard McDowell will celebrate 20 years in business this September. The key areas of focus include blockchain, artificial intelligence, encryption, SaaS for logistics, edge computing, and business consulting for startups. In addition to his impressive professional accomplishments, Frank connects the technology industry through his technology-centered podcast, Be Bold Let’s Go! where he and his guests discuss technologies to increase operational efficiency.
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