Software Development Company in UAE


Next IT and Systems, is one of the top one software company in UAE. We are Abu Dhabi based company and have sales and support office in Dubai. We have offshore software development office in India. As a software development company we offer below software development activates

Our Software Development Services

Custom software development
We have strong development team on custom software development. The skilled technical team in .net and python are handling our software development from India. The consultant team from UAE is leading the technical team.

Software integration Service
As a software development company we offer software integration Service. We have so many case studies in UAE regarding the Software integration Service. We have done so many integration Service in Govt of Abu Dhbai such as Abu Dhabi Civil Defense, Urban planning council Abu Dhabi and many more..

Business intelligence software development
We are one of the best business intelligence software development company in UAE,Abu Dhabi. We have a goof framework in hadoop platform. The core application is written in Java Language. And our team also have good experience in Hadoop and python

Artificial intelligence software development
We offer Artificial intelligence software development in UAE. Our research team in India have good domain experience in IT help Desk AI Module, Supply chain AI Module and etc. Our team is using .net and python to develop the AI Applications

Add-Ons Development
We are dealers for leading enterprise software such as M-Files (for Document Management System) SAP (for ERP Applications) and Archibus (for Facility Management system) in UAE. As part of the customer requirement our development team take care the development of

  • M-files Adds-on software development using c# and SQL Server

  • SAP Business 1 Add-ons software development ( and C#, crystal Report)

  • Archibus Adds-on software development (.net , Java)

Blog Feed:27-Jun-2018 : 10 software development predictions for 2018

  • B2B transactions leveraging blockchain go into production Businesses have begun to understand the security, reliability, and efficiency to be gained from blockchain-enabled transactions. Software Development Company will implement many blockchain use cases across financial services and manufacturing supply chains in the coming year.

  • Chatbots routinely have real conversations with customers and employees
    Software Development Company, using new intelligent bot-building cloud services, can quickly craft bots that understand the customer’s intent, maintain conversational state, and respond intelligently while making integration with back-end systems easy.

    Imagine taking a picture of a dress you saw in a movie and messaging the image to your favorite clothing store’s bot, which uses image recognition and AI to recommend similar dresses.

  • The button disappears: AI becomes the app interface AI becomes the UI, meaning that the synchronous, request-response model of using apps and services gradually disappears. Smartphones are still “low IQ,” because you have to pick them up, launch an application, ask for something to be done, and eventually get a response. In a new generation, software Development Company will be developing intelligent apps, the app will initiate interactions via push notifications. Let’s take this a step further where an app, bot, or a virtual personal assistant using artificial intelligence will know what to do when, why, where, and how.

  • Machine learning takes on practical, domain-specific uses Machine learning is moving from the realm of obscure data science into mainstream software development, both because of the ready availability of pre-built modules in popular platforms, and because it is so useful when dealing with analysis across large, historical datasets. With machine learning, the most valuable insight comes with context — what you’ve done before, what questions you’ve asked, what other people are doing, what’s normal versus anomalous activity.

  • DevOps moves toward NoOps We all agree devops is critically important for helping developers build new applications and features fast, while maintaining high levels of quality and performance. The problem with devops is developers needing to spend 60 percent of their time on the ops side of the equation, thus cutting into the time devoted to development. Developers are having to integrate various continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) tools, maintain those integrations, and constantly update the CI/CD tool chain as new technologies are released. Everyone does CI, but not too many people do CD. Developers will insist on cloud services to help the pendulum swing back to the dev side in 2018. That will require more automation for real CICD.

  • Open source as a service accelerates consumption of open source innovation
    The open source model, and the open source software development company remains one of the best engines of innovation, but implementing and maintaining that innovation is often too complex.

  • Serverless architectures go big in production The appeal of serverless architectures is clear: When there is demand for my code to be executed based on a certain event, infrastructure is instantiated, my code is deployed and executed, and I am charged only for the time my code runs. Let’s say you want to build a travel booking function to book/cancel flights, hotels, and rental cars.

    For software development company, stringing serverless functions together to execute complex transactions creates new challenges: describing how these functions should be chained together, debugging distributed transactions, and determining how, on failure of one function in a chain, to create compensating transactions to cancel inappropriate changes.

  • The only question about containers becomes “Why not?
    Containers will become the default for dev/test work and commonplace for production applications. Expect continued improvements in security, manageability, orchestration, monitoring, and debugging, driven by open source innovations and industry standards.

    Containers provide the building blocks for many of the trends driving modern development including microservices architectures, cloud-native apps, serverless functions, and devops.

  • Software and systems become self-healing, self-tuning, and self-managing Developers and production operations teams are drowning in data from logs, web/app/database performance monitoring and user experience monitoring, and configuration. In addition, these various types of data are siloed, so you must bring many people into a room to debug issues. Then there is the issue of knowledge transfer: Developers spend a lot of time telling production ops the ins and outs of their applications, what thresholds to set, what server topologies to monitor for a transaction, and so on.

  • Highly automated security and compliance efforts become a new ally of developers While developers often think of security and compliance as “someone else’s job” or “bottlenecks to delivering code,” the advent of comprehensive security and compliance regimes based on machine learning and delivered as SaaS will help align these efforts with the fast pace of development.