GITEX GLOBAL: Inspiring The Next Decade Of Breakthroughs

  • OCTOBER 2019

    GITEX GLOBAL:Inspiring The Next Decade Of Breakthroughs

    It was the best technical week fully fledged with energy, diversity and unity. Popularity and standard of an event is measuring by how eagerly people participating and how many well-known companies were participating. GITEX 2019 was the best solution to find Tech Geeks all over the Asian countries. Five days of technical explosure in the heart of Dubai world Trade Centre. NEXT IT & SYSTEMS also took their own footprint to GITEX 2019 with enhanced Technology of ROBOTICS. GITEX Future Stars 2019 showcased Tomorrows world is safe in the hands of robotics.


    As we did a nice presentation during GITEX week, we had splendid experience in the concept of AI FOR EVERYTHING, and we got too much felicitations and enquiries about the concept of Robotics. It’s our privilege to participate in an event like Gitex 2019 and getting addressed and appreciated from large group of people.

  • OCTOBER 2019


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  • JANUARY-2017

    ATLAS DYNAMIC SECURITY, Signed The Agreement For Second Phase Development

    Next IT and system was developed on behave of ATLAS DYNAMIC SECURITY the KPI application for Civil defense Abu Dhabi. As per the new requirement of client, Next IT and system extent the contract for customizing the KPI application with new functionality and multiple device compatibility

  • JANUARY-2017

    Spider.Net Got Released With SENSE-NET ECM As Core CMS is now integrated with SENSE-NET ECM. Which will give a full power of CMS and collaboration tool, as first implantation, replaced an intranet website of a Govt. organization, 14 different sub site on local intranet running with power of


    SENSE-NET ECM is powerful collaboration tool, where spider is got integrated, SENSE-NET ECM is considered as a replacement of SharePoint for SME and Govt Sector. Next IT and system is the first partner for SENSE-NET ECM in GCC

  • FEB 2017

    Health Authority Abu Dhabi Choose M-Files For Archive System

    Next IT and System signed contact with data direct to implement archival system for health authority for birth department

  • FEB 2017

    Camel Race Abu Dhabi Choose Smart SMS For SMS Broadcasting

    Camel Race Abu Dhabi Choose Smart SMS to interact with Camel Race customer. As a Govt. organization Camel Race use etisalat gateway. Updated version of Smart SMS was integrated with core ERP of Camel Race and Microsoft CRM.