Why Business Intelligence?


  • BI Systems compliment existing ERP Systems
  • ERP Systems also provide reports, but
  • Information is static
  • More often analytics is done in Excel
  • Labor intensive and not very flexible
  • New report designs are expensive and time consuming
  • BI Systems provide
  • Dynamic information in rich visualizations
  • User defined and customizable reports
  • Dashboards to analyze data visually

Features – Digital Playgrounds


  • Static dashboards excite users only for few days
  • Discoverability of insights is a key aspect
  • OnionPy Playgrounds allow visual interaction to discover hidden patterns or insights

What is OnionPy?

  • It is a Visual Intelligence product. Also known traditionally as Business Intelligence or Data Analytics product
  • The name is an anagram for Opinion. The last I becomes Y to make it sound like Onion Pie
  • It is built from scratch by keeping in mind Simplicity, Business user’s aversion to technology, Speed, Deep Analysisand Big Data

What customers say

Must say, I was quite impressed with the product – right from the user centricity, processing speed and the concept of having a playground, as against canned or templatized dashboard!

Features – Deep Data Analysis



  • New age BI should be able to answer Deep Questions
  • Not at the cost of performance
  • Yet maintaining simplicity of analysis

What customers say

  • I hardly spend 5 minutes on my reports. But this time,I spent more than 2 hours digging through the data…
  • What I love the most is, there is absolutely no limit on the number of insights I can get from just one Playground!!

Features – Integrated Big Data Analyticsc



  • Adoption of Hadoop is slow in the industry
  • Hadoop is technically not easy to adopt
  • The community is too big and grows too fast to learn
  • It is powerful, but not a simple solution for Big Data

Our Solution

  • Integrated Big Data Analytics – Not merely an extension to Hadoop
  • Just push your data to OnionPy and start analyzing the data. We take care of handling the Big Data, automatically!!

What experts Say?

  • It is revolutionary way of looking at Big Data Analytics
  • The speeds are simply incredible.

Features – One Click Playgrounds


Challenges with current solutions

  • Self-Service BI is not for Business people
  • It is too difficult to map flat data against charts and then map them to a dashboard
  • Business users never created a chart even in Excel!!!

Our Solution

  • Create playgrounds with just One Click!!
  • Artificial Intelligence of OnionPy to create playgrounds for you automatically
  • NLP and Self-Learning based dashboards
  • One of its kind and first in the industry

Features – No Data Warehousing!!!


Challenges with current solutions

  • BI Solutions need Data Warehousing teams to process data before hand
  • Real-time analytics are impossible
  • Too much cost overhead and additional teams just to do analysis

Our Solution

  • Extremely fast data store that allows real-time aggregations in TBs of data
  • Distributed database – Execute queries on multiple nodes paralally
  • Do not pre-process the data. Just create a playground and start analysis

What experts Say?

  • I couldn’t believe the speed at which search was performed on Millions of records!!

Features – API Gateway


  • Share data in OnionPy DB through APIs
  • REST and JSON based APIs
  • Complete API Gateway
  • Add partners or customers
  • Define rate and size limits
  • OAUTH based security
  • Additional HTTP security, if required
  • API Governance
  • Throttling/Quotas