Optimize the use of all assets throughout their full operational lifecycle, from acceptance through operational use, repurposing and disposal


  • Optimize capital and other asset investments through integrated lifecycle management of asset acquisition, utilization, repurposing, and decommissioning/disposal
  • Improve the use of every asset with centralized lifecycle management and tracking
  • Reduce excess asset inventory with a clear understanding of actual needs
  • Enable better decisions in asset repurposing/replacement choices to avoid unnecessary expenditures
  • Facilitate the decommissioning and/or disposal processes of capital equipment and other assets

Improve Asset Management through Greater Transparency and with Mobile Apps

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ARCHIBUS Asset Management's advanced capabilities leverage centralized, consistent data to improve transparency and accountability. Making the task easier are mobile apps such as our Asset & Equipment Registration and Asset & Equipment Survey for convenient, real-time data collection and access, as well as our Asset & Equipment Registration form, which speeds entry of assets into the asset registry.

  • Optimize every asset's use through integrated lifecycle management of all assets
  • Improve accountability by centrally monitoring and tracking all changes throughout an asset's lifecycle
  • Reduce excess inventory/warehousing levels with better understanding of asset requirements
  • Lower asset management process costs through clear understanding of each asset's lifecycle status
  • Visually locate assets by leveraging existing space back- bone data for space allocation/chargeback data

Enable More Effective and Efficient Operational Processes

Knowing where your assets are and to which individuals or groups they are assigned, and tracking theirMovement through moves and other reconfigurations and repurposing are ongoing challenges for infrastructure and facilities managers. ARCHIBUS Asset Management is an indispensable ally in meeting these challenges.

  • Provide accurate HVAC, safety, security, and utilities data describing what assets are in each building and the projects they support
  • Improve your ability to repurpose buildings, spaces, and infrastructure by knowing what assets are in each building and their requirements
  • Better support day-to-day operations, such as moves and reconfigurations, through an accurate registry of what assets are present and which are affected
  • Execute moves rapidly and with fewer errors by having the complete list of furniture, equipment, and other assets connected directly to move orders